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Podcast Formats

When it comes to podcast formats, there is only one right answer.  

It doesn’t matter.  

In fact the more creative you are, the more interesting your guests and how niche your niche is will help you reach those avid life long learners.   Staying general and broad will not serve you in podcast land. Dive Deep, engage in conversations that entertain, offer something different and leave the listener feeling and thinking differently.

I guess where I always start is with your intention.  What do you want to achieve by sharing this content.  Check out  what else you need to consider when creating your podcast.

So, let’s talk about the most common formats:

  • Interview podcasts: These podcasts feature a single host who interviews individuals within a particular industry. 
  • Scripted non-fiction: Typically, serial podcasts that have a single theme for a full season.
  • News recap: A format that summarises the news within a specific industry.
  • Educational podcasts: Scripted non-fiction shows that focus on teaching their audience.
  • Scripted fiction: These podcasts are similar to radio dramas and are often scripted and highly produced. Comedy, Adventure and Travel.

These are just a few ideas, but in our Podcast Mastermind classes we come up with some crazy ideas and that is the power of podcasting. 

You can take an original concept above mash it up and through in a cool segment or two like they do on commercial radio.  I just love asking the same question to two different people without them hearing the other persons answer! 

But if you would like some help or can see how our mastermind session would help you navigate the podcast road map, meet with other creative hosts and engage in a program that keeps you accountable as well as having loads of fun……then check in. 

We also have our Ultimate Road Map Podcast Creator Book that will help you brainstorm your ideas, record your thoughts, guests details, themes, topics and review.  It’s the ultimate accountability when you don’t have us.

Our Podcast Masterclass runs three times a year, once you buy in you get the education course for life. You get all your questions answered in our facebook group and you will get the latest industry news as well as support and advice from producers.  Strategy for launch promotion is included but we offer separate pitch, personal brand and guesting strategies to help you position yourself on the charts.  

Read more about how long a podcast should be.

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