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Call To Action

So let’s chat about the podcast call-to-action. “If you like this show, remember to leave us a rating or review. It helps other people to discover it and our podcast climb the charts, bringing new listeners.” Essentially the host is asking you to take action on their behalf – and for that you must have good reasons. You’ve probably heard a podcast host ask you at the end of every episode to

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Build a Profitable Podcast in Three Steps

Podcasting, is by far, a wonderful, intimate medium. Giving you immediate access to the ear drums of millions of people, with next to no investment and just the   time you chat. As your investment of time grows with the publishing of new episodes, the challenge is to find a return that equates. The most common question I get is how do I monetise my podcast. There are several solutions

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Easy Peasy Podcast Publishing and Platforms

If you are just starting out in podcasting you will need a podcast name, artwork, description and your first episode to sign up to a hosting platform.   You will need to push your RSS feed to the main streaming platforms Apple iTunes, Podcast Google, Amazon Audible, Stitcher,  Spotify. This may take a few days or weeks. Some hosting platforms are also streaming platforms and provide analytics. (downloads and statistics,

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