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Create Chat

Create Chat: The podcast that helps you understand the strategies of creatives.  Graphic Designer, Amanda Hamer and Content Creator Pip Rae share what brainstorming techniques they use to build the big business ideas for their customers. Whether it’s a logo or a blog post these tried and tested tools of the creative trade can help you in your journey of building your personal brand and make you business stand outRead More…

Podcasting Guest One Sheets

Podcast Guesting is a fun, easy way to lift your personal brand. By sharing your personal experiences, the lessons you’ve learnt or the specialised training and education you’ve undertaken, you are able to leverage your industry exposure and position yourself as an expert in your fields of interest. Now, you can wait around to be invited to onto a podcast, or you can actively pursue a guesting role on perfectlyRead More…

Kicking Podcast Goals

Podcasting Goals Unpacked Podcasts are a digital asset that have the capacity to produces hundreds of pieces of marketing and promotional material, literally hundreds, to;  Service memberships Develop Brand Awareness Build Personal Brand Increase Traffic to webpage/services Convert leads to sales There are three elements needed to kick podcasting goals. Create and Structure Content  Design promotion strategy and leverage content Deliver content with clear intentions,  If you need help, checkRead More…

Human Branding – the Trend for 2020

For what feels like forever, 2020 has been every trend watcher’s near-mythical time horizon. Now, we’re about to live it.
The new decade will thrust upon us new challenges and huge opportunities! There are several emerging consumer trends that will help supercharge your planning and each one is a powerful opportunity to build new products, services, campaigns, brands and more that people will love in 2020 and beyond.

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