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Podcast Format Made Easy



Listeners appreciate an overarching summary of the podcast up front, around 30-90 seconds outlining the content they can expect to hear and your introduction script helps you ensure that you capture your audience’s attention from the beginning.

This  intro comes either before or after your show’s ‘general series intro with music’ which then dives into the deep content of the show. The content of this segment will change week to week, but the structure shouldn’t vary much.



Ex: “Hello and welcome to ___________, the show that [explain purpose of show or tagline]. I’m your host, ___________, and today we’re going to talk about __________ with ________ [insert guest name]. We’ll discuss the ins and outs of _______ and offer listeners a special surprise at the end; be sure to listen all the way through for the details!”



Depending on your content you may wish to include a content warning for traumatic or triggering topics.



Guest intro

By jotting down some basic facts about your guest, you set your guest up right the first time and avoid messing up and getting off to a rocky start.

Ex: “Our guest today is _______. She/he is a [insert role, title, experience] with a passion for _______. She/he is going to share with us _______. Hi, [guest first name] thanks so much for joining us!]


Sponsor message

Sometimes sponsors give hosts a script to read from verbatim, and other times the host will be able to craft their own sponsor message.

Since these ads often occur in the beginning of a podcast episode, it’s important to take the time to craft a quality sponsor message that kicks your show off well, accurately reflects your sponsor’s brand, and sounds natural.

Ex: “_____[Your podcast name] is sponsored by ________[insert brand name.] [Sponsor] is a company that ___________ [describe company values and products as well as their relevance to your audience.]”


A well-placed segue can make your podcast flow between topic changes and help create a cohesive episode. Segues can be a phrase, sound effect, or a musical jingle —whatever helps you smoothly transition to the next segment.  You may also want to ask your audience to give you a review on google, apple podcasts or send an email.  You could also send a shout out to your membership or a listener.


An outro is a perfect place to recap the main points of your episode for your audience. Most podcasts cover a lot of information in one 45 minute episode, so your listeners will likely appreciate if you reiterate the key points.

You can use this section to make announcements, give a teaser for your next episode, or share resources available in your show notes to help listeners.

Ex: “Next week, we’ll continue to help you frame your podcast by helping you nail down the details that will give structure to your new podcast!”

Call to action (CTA)

A call to action is an announcement that requires some effort on the part of your listener. Do you want your audience to subscribe to your podcast or write a review? Sign up for your newsletter? Let them know by including a simple statement at the end of your episode.

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The content of your CTA will change over time based on your sponsors, show content, and current merchandise. Whatever the CTA is, limit it to one clear thing you’d like from your audience; more than one call to action can overwhelm your listeners and keep them from acting at all.

Ex: “Want to ask a question on a future episode of “Podcasting Q&A”? Click on the link in the show notes to record your question in a voicemail!



[Outro music]


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