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Get good at monologuing

Talking is one of the most natural activities that is done every day. It is a learned behaviour that begins from birth and constantly evolves with time and environment. For someone from a investigative and legal background, talking is not an unchartered territory. In fact, we are required to be vocal due to the nature of the work that more than often require a conversation with  clients, customers, peers, and

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Top 10 Content Leverage Ideas

A podcast is a central source of content that over time you can leverage for months if not years. One episode has one topic and within this topic there are numerous ideas, concepts and useful tips that you can share in order to connect your audience to your content.   An episode is the hub of a wheel spoke! So apart from a hosting platformwe recommend a podcast website, some

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As the Podcast Host

So you’ve decided to host a podcast! Congratulations, massive step in your marketing strategy in putting yourself out there to seen and especially heard. As with any strategy that leads a community and builds relationships, it’s important to invest some time in the planning of your series. There are three phases our podcast hosts go through. I’ve got a great idea for a podcast! Who am I to create a

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6 Things to Look for in Sponsoring a Podcast 

Sponsoring podcasts are an investment that you might want to consider for your marketing budget. There are a few strategies that you could use that will take away the stress, overwhelm and onus of you creating your own.  Find out below how It’s called content leveraging through sponsorship. A great way to be heard by new audiences is to sponsor a series or episode and then share in on your

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We Meet You Where You Are At. Idea. Skills. Knowledge. Assets.

What to expect in our services. Our mission is to support people develop their podcast idea with a focus on extracting the content that will be valuable to your listeners.  Our P.O.D. offers 2 x 2 hour sessions to record your first 3 episodes ready to launch.   We have the conversations that help you feel comfortable in front of a microphone and confident in sharing your message. We use

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