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6 Things to Look for in Sponsoring a Podcast 

Sponsoring podcasts are an investment that you might want to consider for your marketing budget. There are a few strategies that you could use that will take away the stress, overwhelm and onus of you creating your own.  Find out below how It’s called content leveraging through sponsorship. A great way to be heard by new audiences is to sponsor a series or episode and then share in on your

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We Meet You Where You Are At. Idea. Skills. Knowledge. Assets.

What to expect in our services. Our mission is to support people develop their podcast idea with a focus on extracting the content that will be valuable to your listeners.  Our P.O.D. offers 2 x 2 hour sessions to record your first 3 episodes ready to launch.   We have the conversations that help you feel comfortable in front of a microphone and confident in sharing your message. We use

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Podcast ‘Profuctiveness’

If you are a true creative you will completely get what is going on, if not you will more than likely think I am a red hot steaming mess.  And that’s ok.  Just note today’s post is a personal ventilation of frustration, confusion and self sabotage and I hope it makes you feel better. People have often told me it looks like I am   ‘Spinning plates’ ‘Juggling balls’ ‘Putting

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How to attract your ideal listener.

This is the biggest task in creating your audience and the more specific you are, the bigger it grows. In the beginning your podcast is an inert object. Your goal is to turn it into a rolling stone. Identify your listener by asking qualifying questions.  Describing the type of people they are, the problems they have, the outcomes, information, solutions and strategy they are looking for and telling them that

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SEO improves a Website Google Ranking with Podcasts

Podcasts have turned into a highly popular option for content consumption and creation. They are not new but there has been (especially 2020), and is, an increasing number of people discovering them and using them as content creators. A natural conversation generates amazing quotes, memorable comments and captures language synonymous to their industry. ‘Industry Words’ They  make an interesting medium to explore when  growing  your audience. It’s the conversation you have without

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IWD2021 Choose To Challenge

What do you choose to challenge for International’s Womens Day 2021? It could be anything from stereotypes, policy, gender pay gap, laws, medical research, social norms, environmental, political agendas. Have your say, make a pledge to challenge the issue and Be Heard – On this podcast episode of The Voice Of A Village 1. Tell Us what you are challenging. 2. Tell Us why you are choosing that challenge. 3.

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